Meiko Trans Co., Ltd. Tokyo Branch

Provides the full range of distribution services through multi-modal transportation (air, land, and sea), serving diverse distribution requirements in the extended Tokyo metropolitan area.

Business lines: Freight forwarding, customs brokerage, air-freight forwarding, 3PL For information and estimates inquire by telephone, or email to


No. 1 Sales Dept. TEL +81-3-5220-5301 FAX +81-3-5220-5314
No. 2 Sales Dept. TEL +81-3-5220-5302 FAX +81-3-5220-5316
Import Dept. TEL +81-3-5220-5303 FAX +81-3-5220-5317
International Multi-Modal Transport Dept. TEL +81-3-5220-5305 FAX +81-3-5220-5319
Customs Brokerage Dept. TEL +81-3-5220-5304 FAX +81-3-5220-5318
Administration Dept. TEL +81-3-5220-5300 FAX +81-3-5220-5310

Sales offices

Narita Airport Sales Office TEL +81-476-32-4884 FAX +81-476-32-4883