The protection of customer personal information is a top priority for Meiko Trans Co., Ltd. (below, “Meiko”), essential in ensuring that customers can utilize the Meiko website safely. All personal information is handled in accordance with the following policy.

1. Meiko will respect customer personal information, handle it properly, and strive to ensure its security and safety, making every effort to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, and loss.
2. There is no need for customers accessing the Meiko site to provide personal information such as name or address. However, inquiries and other pages used by Meiko to provide service will require the entry of some personal information. This personal information will only be used between Meiko and the customer.
3. No personal information provided by customers through the Meiko website will be provided to any third party without the authorization of the providing party. However, such personal information will be disclosed when demanded by a government agency under applicable laws or regulations..
4. Meiko will review and improve this privacy policy regularly.