To enable customers to use this website with security, Meiko Trans Co., Ltd. (below, “Meiko”) attaches the highest priority to protecting customer personal information, and takes action to safeguard personal information in accordance with the following policy.

1. Meiko will respect customer personal information, handle it appropriately, and strive to ensure its security and safety, making every effort to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, or loss.
2. Customers accessing the Meiko website are not required to provide an address, name, or other such personal information. However, inquiries and other pages used by Meiko to provide service will request the entry of some personal information.
3. Meiko may share customer personal information with Meiko group companies within the scope of purpose of use. Meiko assumes responsibility for such shared use.
Purpose of use: All forms of contact relating to provision of services by Meiko and other such business activities.
4. No personal information provided by customers through the Meiko website will be disclosed or provided to any third party without the authorization of the providing party. However, such personal information will be disclosed or provided without customer authorization when so instructed by a government agency under applicable laws or regulations.
5. Meiko will comply with all laws and other legislation as well as social norms industrial relating to protection of personal information.
6. To maintain appropriate protection and administration systems for personal information, Meiko will review and improve this privacy policy as the occasion demands.