Meiko Trans Group (hereinafter, our group) recognizes that protection and proper handling of personal information are important elements for the current business environment and society. Our group herein sets forth the following Privacy policy and pledges to protect our customers personal information by executing it continuously.

1. Acquisition of personal information
  Our group will acquire personal information legally and fairly
2. Use of personal information
  Our Group will clearly state the purpose of use of personal information and will only use the acquired
  information within the Scope of the intended purpose.
3. Provision of personal information to third parties
  Our group will not provide personal information to third parties unless receiving prior consent from
  the individual or being requested by laws or regulations.
4. Management of personal information
  Our group will implement security measures appropriately to prevent personal information from
  unauthorized access, falsification, loss and leakage, etc, and will conduct necessary education and
  training to our directors, employees and the other related parties.
5. Disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information
  When we receive a request related to the disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information,
  our group will respond promptly, within a proper period of time, and within appropriate limits.

Handling of personal information
1. Purpose of use
(1)Business partners
    For commercial activities related to various services which our group provides
    For notifications about stock related information and management of shareholder’s information
    regulated by the Companies Act, etc.
(3)Contact person who requests information to our group
    For notifications and response to inquiries
(4)Internship・recruitment applicants
    For notifications about recruitment and document preparation etc.
(5)Directors, employees, former employees and their family, etc of our group
    For human resource administration, labor management, offering welfare & benefits and notifications

2. Joint utilization
  Our group may share the acquired personal information from individuals within the group companies.
(1)Items of personal information for joint utilization
    Name, address, affiliation organization, department, position, phone number, e-mail address,
    offered service details,requested information and any other information provided by the individuals.
(2)Range of joint utilization
    Our group companies and affiliates mentioned in the following URL.
(3)Purposes of use for our group
    Same as mentioned above (1. Purpose of use)
(4)Name and address of responsible party for managing personal information for joint utilization
    Meiko Trans Co.,Ltd.
    2-4-6 IRIFUNE, MINATO-KU, NAGOYA 455-8650,
    President and CEO
    Hiroshi Takahashi

3. Contact information about personal information
  Meiko Trans Co.,Ltd. General Affairs Department